06 November 2003

Hey man thats what is going to happen. I was watching tv and the new transformers cartoons are on (complete crap) and all i could say was wow transformers are from back in the day. sorry bro.

It's like they found, and destroyed, every single show I hated (that prm

It's like they found, and destroyed, every single show I hated (that premiered this season, anyway).

God bless our overseers at the networks.

02 November 2003

I will no longer be posting here. I have moved to a new site.

Here you go

01 November 2003

madonna on the j-lo/ben thing.

This new blurb we file not only under "who gives a fuck what she thinks" but also under "why the fuck did they ask her to comment about this?"

Music from the 70s now considered oldies

hoo man. wait till the 80s start becoming oldies. i'm going to have a siezure or something.

"hey jimmy, wanna click on the oldies"

"sure, why not?"


just beat it....beat it...

jimmy then smashes radio to pieces while yelling "DEAR GOD NOOOOOO!!!!!! I'M OLD!!!!! AHHHHH!!!!!!"

kudos to mexico if this actually works.

anti-graffiti paint

31 October 2003

flasher chased down by catholic high school girls and beaten.

this is funny on so many damn levels. my only question is, did he get what he wanted? i mean, i'm sure that i wouldn't mind a group of girls clad in school uniforms chasing me. but then again, if the goal was to beat me i wouldn't like it. furthermore, i don't plan on exposing myself to them giving them a good reason to do so. maybe this guy actually enjoyed the whole experience.

it boggles the mind.

Extreme pumpkin carving.

bonus to anyone who can find my favorite.

ok, now THIS is a movie i'd stand in line to see.

The Rock to play live-action Johnny Bravo?

that would be AWESOME.

whoa mama.....

30 October 2003

Some Thursday humor.

A woman walks into a pharmacy and up to the prescription 'order here'
"I need some cyanide or some chemical like it to kill my husband" she

"Ma'am, you can't just walk in here and order chemicals like that and
it's against the law to kill your husband'" answers the

She searches around in her purse and produces a manila folder and pulls
out something and hands it to the pharmacist.
It's a photo of her husband having sex with the pharmacist's wife.

The pharmacist replies, "Oh, I didn't realize you had a prescription!

I found this new site for an online comic called Movie Comics. cool site and funny too.

this one is hilarious.

29 October 2003

you've gotta be fucking shitting me.

the army has gone pansy. that's all there is to it.

gee, and i thought we were fighting a war here. guess not. my bad.

Well i am just shocked i tell you.

ok actually i'm not.

I rarely mention NASCAR news on this site. but i think this is pretty big news.

Pontiac will not be run after 2003 season.

i told everyone that the departure of Joe Gibbs racing would mark the death of pontiac in nascar. how sweet it is to be right. for those of you who don't know Joe Gibbs fields 2002 winston cup champ Tony Stewart and 2000 champ Bobby Labonte. they're both driving Chevy now.

so where to now for the existing 9 teams running pontiacs? chances are most all of them will run Chevy since it's both GM.

anyway, it's news to me.

28 October 2003

this comment might seem hypocritical coming from me.

stop your bitching

some people are actually complaining about the release of the new looney tunes DVD set because......it doesn't have the cartoons that THEY wanted. they think that warner brothers is stringing them along and "abusing their loyalty". go fuck yourself people. i'm personally overjoyed just to get ANY looney tunes on DVD. sure they haven't released ALL the ones i want, but i can wait. start throwing these accusations at people more deserving.

- taking too long to release them all: that complaint should be directed at Fox for dragging ass on releasing the Simpsons seasons on DVD.

- abusing fans loyalty: as much as it pains me, i have to say this one should be focused on Lucas. i'm a minority in this issue in general. because i enjoyed Episode 1 for the most part and i'm not one of these whiney little assholes crying "he raped my childhood".


Rocketpenguin has come out with a "booty call" edition of his tips for men. or basically, how to get some. he has asked for my input.

i kinda differ with him. he seems to go in the direction of setting up your own pad to bring her into it. personally, i would perfer to pick her up at her place or something and see if she invites me into her place. that way i can bail at any time and it's a better indicator that she is showing interest. his tips during the date tend to play the phoney angle a little too much for my taste. for example he recommends you make sure she knows you love kids. i don't play that. i hate kids. and i ain't about to pretend i like the little crying poop-machines just to score.

really i'm the wrong guy to ask for tips on how to score on a date. i hate dating. it's a freakin hassle. here's my advice

- be yourself which i don't mean in a cliche manner. i mean be yourself to the point of you talk and act as you damn well please.

- lower your expectations. i don't mean date nasty chicks. i mean don't expect to even get a goodnite kiss. so when you don't you aren't surprised or upset. hope for the best, expect the worst.

- if you find yourself in the position of sitting on the couch at your place or hers watching a movie, offer a massage. it's worked more than once for me and i'm damn good at it.

that's it. that's all i can offer.

now this is what i'm talking about .....boo ya.

Congratulations on being manly (if you're a man), but you know you can get just as drunk on shots without drinking so much, don't you?
Congratulations!! You're a tall glass of nice cold

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'Price Is Right' Announcer Rod Roddy Dies

that show won't be the same.

reason #billion i'm never moving to LA.

they actually have to pass a law to keep people from urinating or crapping in public?

that isn't why i'm pissed (hee hee....get it? pissed? you know....cuz i said uri....ah never mind). i'm pissed because people are actually FIGHTING this law!!!! there's jackasses out there acting like we're telling homeless people they may not ever use the restroom again. and get this, now the LAPD is going to get more training. yes folks, they need training on what circumstances they may issues tickets or not.

sorry Jeff, i know you like it there, but hey whatever works for you i guess.